About Us


the quest to retain a youthful appearance is one that has occupied the minds of many over the centuries. it’s an age-old search that inspired the founders of the leading holistic skincare range ObeyYourBody  to create collections that combine natural ingredients with the latest in cosmeceutical technology.    With close to 60 new products spanning six different collections –  the company’s skincare solutions all rely on a holistic approach that combines high-quality ingredients and Up-to-the-minute innovation.

the company’s products help to create a radiant complexion, the wide range on offer enables individuals to personalize their own beauty routine, targeting very specific skincare requirements. Some focus on collagen production to reduce the signs of aging, while others tackle pigmentation, lightening and brightening the complexion.

It is this fusion of the latest advances in cosmetics with skin-friendly plant and herbal ingredients that is key to the creation of ObeyYourBody’s new generation of natural products.

ObeyYourBody is based in America, Europe, and Africa, and its reach is extending to customers around the world.

The ObeyYourBody Solution

The ObeyYourBody product line is designed to meet the unique needs of true individuals, each with their own signature style. By using a wide range of herbs and minerals gathered from around the world, ObeyYourBody products give your body the nutrients its needs to renew and energize your skin. Taking skincare to the next level, ObeyYourBody uses only the highest quality ingredients for every aspect of skincare, from invigorating Dead Sea minerals to soothing plant extracts.

The People behind ObeyYourBody

ObeyYourBody offers international experience that you can trust. With distribution centers on three continents and hundreds of sales points around the world,ObeyYourBody has learned the needs of people keeping their skin naturally beautiful. Today, the company is an international leader in cosmeceuticals, thanks to constant innovation that guarantees a complete line of products to enhance and rejuvenate skin from the inside out.